Jeremiah 29:11 Learning to trust God’s plan

This last year has been a very trying time for my family but The Lord has used this struggle to test our faith in his unwavering love. He has never let us down and his mercies never fail to amaze me. The small business I worked for suddenly closed last year. I had just given birth to our second child days earlier so the timing (according to us) could not have been any worse. We were now facing paying off the high cost of the birth and at the same time immediately downsizing our family of four to one income. It seemed impossible and I felt absolutely defeated but as always The Lord knew what we would face long before we did. I hope to use this blog to share the many ways that I have found to budget our spending in order to make our one income stretch while at the same time sharing the many ways God has blessed my family. I pray that those who may feel defeated financially will find hope in this blog and remember that God cares more than we can ever imagine and he has a plan for each of our lives. We just have to trust him and have faith that he will provide all our needs.


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